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  • Air Conditioning Installations:

    As your Air Conditioning system gets older, it can lose efficiency and even break down, and choosing just any contractor could lead to a costly and time consuming operation. So when you need service for your ventilation or air conditioning systems, you can count on Smith Services to get the job done right. 

    We are experienced, licensed contractors that provide a free estimate to help you decide on the right system to fit your needs and budget. So when you need service for your ventilation or air conditioning systems, you can count on our HVAC professionals to get you back up and running.

    Air Conditioning Repairs:

    At Smith Services we know how it feels to be without air in the Texas heat and humidity, that's why we guarantee that our professional contractors will perform your air conditioner repair quickly and correctly so you can beat the heat. 

    We service and repair all major brands and all types of air conditioning systems including central air, heat pumps, mini split systems, and ductless systems. Most HVAC problems can be prevented with proper regular maintenance.

    Air Conditioning Maintenance:

    Why is proper air conditioner maintenance in Texas important? Just like your vehicle, your home and business cooling systems require regular proper maintenance to continue to operate safely and efficiently. In certain cases, manufacturers can limit or void your warranty if proper maintenance is not performed. 

    Most Texas air conditioning and heating repairs can be avoided if proper system maintenance is performed. Maintenance on your system not only prevents break downs, but it prolongs the life of your HVAC system keeping it operating at its peak efficiency, and most importantly keeping your family comfortable all year long.

    Air Conditioning Tune-ups:

    Maintaining your Texas HVAC system with regular a/c tune ups will extend the life of your air conditioner. By having our technicians perform a quality a/c tune up, you can reduce energy costs, extend equipment life, optimize comfort conditions and increase system reliability. Just knowing that your HVAC system is operating safely is a peace of mind in itself.