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  • Heating Installations:

    We know why and we know how to make it better. When your Texas heating unit becomes old and inefficient, it is time to get a replacement. Home heating contractors are typically recommended for both new and replacement installations since they have an ample amount of experience and the necessary tools for the heating installation. Heating is an essential component of your Texas home. It can also be a big home investment. Therefore, it makes more sense to hire one of our HVAC professionals to make certain the job is done right the first time.

    Heating Repairs:

    As your Texas heating system ages, it may lose efficiency or stop working altogether. At Smith Services, we offer the highest quality in all repairs, and each job is performed by our highly-experienced contractors that you can trust.
    We offer heating repairs or heating system tune ups with cleanings so you can save the most possible on heating costs this winter while staying warm. Call us today for immediate consultation from one of our many licensed heating system technicians. We will answer any questions you may have and discuss each stage of the process to help you determine your heating system's needs.

    Heating Maintenance & Tune-ups:

    The truth about heating repairs is that they could have been avoided if only the homeowner had regular preventive Texas heating maintenance performed. The equipment is usually taken for granted and will only be noticed when it is already too late — when the heating function weakens, when the utility cost surges, or when the units do not turn on anymore.
    Our professional HVAC contractors will conduct an inspection, clean, and provide maintenance that can help you eliminate these hassles. The contractor will basically just check the system’s operation, safety controls, and electrical components and connections, etc. This inspection will ensure that the airflow is proper, the air filters cleaned, and mechanisms such as belts and blowers are properly aligned.